Investing in young entrepreneurs and providing mentorship programs throughout their career journeys

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Investing in young entrepreneurs and providing mentorship programs throughout their career journeys

“Investing in young talents will always be the main aim for Talent Match. However much these students are studying in different faculties, they have other talents, other creative fields they are specialized in and if given the right mentorship and support, they can be able to develop those talents into profitable ventures, hence reducing youth unemployment as well as job creation,” says Allen Kendunga, Founder and CEO of Talent Match Inc.

Under the Talent Match’s set of programs, Talent Match has launched an Entrepreneurship Program that will provide funding and training for young creatives and talents. The Entrepreneurship Program will be targeting University of Rwanda students whom Talent Match is currently working with. This program will be targeting young entrepreneurs with creative ideas eg, painting, graphic design, Jewelry making, crafts etc. This program will provide more skills to young entrepreneurs in developing their ideas up to the final selling stage. Learning how to use a small budget is very crucial in business development, therefore this will be a practical program for all entrepreneurs. Revenue earning is the main goal for any business idea, therefore by the end of this program a clear understanding of earning revenue in a business will be acquired.

Students with viable projects will receive a four weeks training program which will equip them with business development skills, marketing skills, project management skills as well as skills like pitching and business proposal writing which every business person should possess. Young entrepreneurs who will emerge as the top winners will receive financial funding from Talent Match as well as mentorship that will help to keep these small ventures working.

The Rwandan creative sector has many rising young talents be it in fashion, art & craft, graphic designing and many more but we only see a few of them succeeding and this is not because those who have these talents don’t really know what they are doing, rather it is because they lack guidance on how they can develop these talents into profitable ventures or because of how they’ve been told that the creative industry isn’t successful. But through this program, Talent Match will be able to show how young people are longing to succeed in this industry as well as introducing them to the Rwandan creative industry not only with ideas and talents but with business skills that will help them even as they go further to establish businesses in this industry.

About Talent Match Inc.

Talent Match Inc is a social enterprise that was founded in 2019 with the sole aim of solving youth unemployment and curbing down the skills gap in the Rwandan job market.

Talent Match offers three main programs which are the Undergraduate Program which provides career guidance, soft skills training and problem-solving needed to succeed on the job market to university students, the entrepreneurship program which nurtures aspiring young entrepreneurs to develop professional skills by creating their own business ventures and lastly the Corporate Up-skilling program which helps professionals polish up their skills and acquire skills on demand to increase productivity. 

“It’s always important to invest in young talents and the talents of tomorrow”

~Delphine Arnault

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